Less bullying because of school uniforms

Imagine this, when you don’t have to choose everyday what to wear to school. You only have to wear your school uniform, no stress about outfits! On the other hand, school uniforms restrict students’ expression. This is an endless discussion, in this essay I’m going to tell you the pros and cons of school uniforms for pupils.

First of all, a pro. Research shows that school uniforms increase safety of the pupils. That’s because the pupils have the feeling that they are a unit, they all wear the same and they all are equal. Another pro is that the clothes reduce peer pressure and bullying, also because the students have the feeling that they’re equal. I find it unacceptable that pupils are bullied just because they can’t afford nice clothes.

Other people say that it isn’t good for pupils to wear school uniforms. Clothing choices are a crucial form of self-expression, so if it is mandatory to wear school uniforms, the school uniforms restrict students’ self-expression. It could also be possible that the pupils ignore the new rules, because they don’t like it. This will lead to more violence and a less good ambiance.

In conclusion, from both sides there are good arguments why pupils should (not) wear school uniforms. I think school uniforms increase safety of the pupils and they  reduce peer pressure, which causes less bullying. Less bullying, enough reason to obligate school uniforms.

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