The mystery of Beast

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Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, write a short story! I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never have had inspiration for a good story. Maybe today is the beginning of my career as writer, who knows… This short story is about a man, called Billy, and his pet cat Beast. They are inseparable until one day when this all changed… Why did this happen? Well, you’ll find out in this story.

Once upon a time there was a man called Billy who had a pet cat. This pet cat was called after the wife of Billy, Faye. When Faye and Billy were married for almost ten years, she got breast cancer. Unfortunately, after a few months of chemotherapy, she died.

Billy was really desperate, because Faye was the only person in his life who could make him happy, and now she was gone. Before he could have done something to himself, his neighbors bought him a cute, gray cat with blue eyes. The cat was only a few months old and really small. When the neighbours gave it to him, he smiled for the first time in a long time and named the cat Beast. It was the beginning of a long friendship, Billy took Beast everywhere; to the market, to the swimming pool and even to the dentist! They were best friends, until one special dark day…

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9 October, the day Billy would never forget, was not such a special day. It was rainy, like it always is rainy in October. As always, he had breakfast, brushed his teeth and gave Beast food. Then something extraordinary happened: the eyes of Beast became green! Billy was so confused, how and why did they became that color? It reminded him of his wife Faye, she had beautiful green eyes, just like the cat Beast.

One day later, on 10 October, Billy went with his cat to the cemetery where Faye was buried exactly one year ago. After he had placed some red flowers next to her grave, he heard something that sounded exactly like his wife. ‘What? Who’s there? This can’t be possible!’, he yelled. Again he heard his wife, but this time he knew where it came from: the cat! ‘I miss you, Billy’, the cat said. Billy went crazy, how was this even possible? He ran away, as hard as he could, back to his house.

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When he finally had arrived, he heard his wife again: ‘O Billy, please come inside.’ Billy slowly opened the door, because he was too afraid to enter his house. When he did, he saw his cat again, laying on the couch. How could Beast be here so fast? It scared him, everywhere he saw and heard Faye; on his bed, on the couch, in the window, at his desk… The whispering of the cat sounded exactly like his wife, Beast’s eyes were green (just like the eyes of Faye) and Beast was everywhere! Billy couldn’t deal with it anymore, it was just too much. ‘STOP IT! IT’S OVER NOW! THIS ISN’T TRUE!!!’, he screamed.

When he woke up, he saw Beast looking at him. Suddenly he remembered everything, did it really happen? He saw the eyes of Beast, they were blue again. He ran to his phone and checked the date: 10 October. He realized it was all a nightmare, he was so happy; Beast and he were still best friends and they lived happily ever after.

Did you like this short story? I hope so, tomorrow there is one more English blog to post!

x Iris

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