My dream holiday

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As you could read in this blog, I’m almost going to London! Only a few days left, on Tuesday the journey to London begins. It will be an amazing week with little sleep (but I don’t mind :)). When I thought about London, I started thinking about my dream holiday; where would it be, when would it be, etc. After a few hours daydreaming, I could imagine my dream holiday. So in this blog you can read all about my dream holiday, have fun reading it!

South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the United States of America, Greece and there are so many more amazing countries. Which one should I choose? I really love California, but I also love the pictures of Cape Town, the nature of Australia, and so on… Then I got an brilliant idea: it’s my dream holiday, so why not combine some of these countries?

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A small round-the-world trip, the perfect solution! First of all, I would go to Cape Town by plane, because it looks so beautiful. A few years ago, I had to make a travel report for school and I wrote that I would go two weeks to Cape Town. I would do all the things in my travel report, such as paragliding, going to the beaches and more. I want to do this trip with one of my best friends Pheben, it would be great to spend two weeks with her.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nepal

After these two weeks in Cape Town, I would probably do some volunteer work in Nepal. I think I want to teach English in public schools there, one of the reasons is that the children there do not have access to a good standard of education. It would be amazing to help them. This project could be 3 or 5 weeks. Because you go to Nepal with a group, I want to go there on my own and make new friends.

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The last place I’d visit is Australia. The aunt and uncle of my niece Emma live there, that’s why they are distant relatives of mine. It would be great to visit them with my niece and to explore Australia. The aunt and uncle live in Sydney, so we could sleep there. During our time in Sydney, I’d like to visit the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour. After 2/3 weeks it’s time to go home.

The only small problem is the funding. It is a really expensive round-the-world trip, how on earth am I going to have enough money for this? The best option is probably to work for a couple of months and then, hopefully, I could afford it. I would travel by plane, although it’s not really cheap. 😦 The last important question is: when? After my exams are done, I want to take a gap year and to travel the world. I’m 17 years old then, maybe a little bit too young. However, I’d still want to make this amazing trip!

Which place would you like to visit?

x Iris

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