Blogging in English

Hey followers,

Probably you think right now; what? Is she going to write her blogs in English? Well, the answer is yes. But don’t panic, I’m also going to write blogs in Dutch. For school, we need to post five blogs, in English of course. Our teacher is going to give a mark for the blogs, so I will do my best! The five blogs will be about:

  • A famous person
  • My dream holiday
  • Musical The Lion King
  • An essay (we have become too dependent on the Internet or the voting age should be lowered to 16)
  • A short story

So I hope you like it, maybe if you like it I will post more blogs in English. Anyway, these 5 posts will be posted for sure between now and May 9th. If you have any ideas, for example who I can write about as a famous person and where the short story could be about, just let me know in the comments. Have fun reading my English blogs!

x Iris

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